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Non-Bar To-do

Page history last edited by peterga 3 years ago

K-Bar To-Do List (non-bars)

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  • Downtown Library
    • Still have some unclear city guide photos (50s) 
    • ReferenceUSA - check on dates  
    • Seattle Menu Collection -  10th Floor - (M-Th:11 am-6 pm Sa-Su:1-5 pm Closed Fri) 
  • UW Library 
    • Special Collections:  "History of Stella, Oak Point, Eufaula, Coal Creek and surrounding areas" -- Stella Historical Society 
  • Seattlebars.org Blog and background data
  • Data Entry and Sources
    • City Guides - 1995 bars (have only nightclubs)  
    • Review bars in Stranger in Town 
  • Pictures
    • Jade
    • London Plane (state building)
    • Stoneburner
    • 192 Brewery in daytime   
  • Better back bar pics: Full bar, closeups on capital, applicques, labels, beading (often egg & dart), spandrel, dentils 
    • Beveridge Place 6414 california
    • Grahams (Glacier), The Brick, The Hub & Olympic Club (Centralia), Oxford (Snohomish)
    • Moondogs Too (Port Orchard), Pick'n'Shovel (Wilkeson) 
    • Seattle: Merchants, Harry's Place 
  • Web Sites
  • Misc.



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