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Boston June 2019

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Boston - AWS Re:inforce


  • Sat Jun 22 11:30am depart Seattle JetBlue flight 598, arrive Boston 7:58pm (local time) Confirmation number: FTSMWE
  • Sat Jun 22 check into Bricco Suites, Boston (10m drive from Airport)
  • Sun Jun 23 Investigate bars 
  • Mon Jun 24 Take bags to Seaport Hotel, 1 Seaport Lane 6m Drive / 30m walk- Boston Convention Center 7m walk from Seaport
  • Tue Jun 25 Re:Inforce - Bosox game 7:10pm - 15m drive from Seaport 
  • Wed Jun 26 7:48pm Depart Boston JetBlue flight 197, Boston Terminal C, arrive Seattle 11:14



  • Bell In Hand 11-2am Est. 1795, 11am-2am every day - 4m walk from Bricco Suites 
  • Union Oyster House - 11-9:30 every day - across the street from Bell in Hand 
    • Open to diners since 1826, is amongst the oldest operating restaurants in the United States of America, and the oldest that has been continuously operating since being opened.  The building itself was built prior to 1714, most likely in 1704. Before it became a restaurant, Hopestill Capen's dress goods business occupied the property. In 1771 printer Isaiah Thomas published his newspaper, The Massachusetts Spy, from the second floor. The restaurant originally opened as the Atwood & Bacon Oyster House on August 3, 1826.
  • Warren Tavern - 11-1am - 6m drive / 22m walk from Bricco Suites
    • Claims to be the oldest tavern in Massachusetts as well as the most famous watering hole in the United States. -- Among Boston's historic bars and taverns, it is the oldest still in its original building and location. Aside from brief closures between owners, it has operated continuously since its opening. Warren Tavern was the first building to be erected in Charlestown after the British burned the whole town during the Battle of Bunker Hill in June of 1775. The Tavern was built in 1780 by Captain Eliphelet Newell, who fought at Bunker Hill and had been a close friend of Sons of Liberty leader and fervent Patriot, Dr. Joseph Warren, who was killed by the British at Bunker Hill. Captain Newell named his tavern after his friend.
  • Croke Park / "Whiteys" - 12 Sun - 45m walk or 10m drive from Bricco
    • "Boston's #1 dive bar" - M-F 9:30am-2am, Sat 10-2, Sun 12-2
  • Kowloon, Saugus - 11:30-2 11:30-2am every day -  16m drive from Bricco
    • 7.3 Critiki score - Kowloon opened in 1950 as The Mandarin House. In 1958 the Wong family purchased it and changed the name to Kowloon. Over the years they have expanded the restaurant into a broad complex of rooms, and it now has room for 1,200 dining patrons. Several of the rooms have Polynesian theming, including the Tiki Lagoon Room and Luau Room. The restaurant has been a landmark in the north Boston area for decades, and photos of many celebrities visiting the restaurant are proudly displayed. The food is traditional Chinese American fare, and includes a flaming pu pu platter. Tropical drinks are served in tiki mugs.



  • Ceremony - Mon 9pm - Wonder Bar - 15m drive from Bricco 
  • DARQ - Sat 9:30 - Koto, Salem - 30m drive from Bricco


Other possible bars 

  • Green Dragon Tavern - 11am-2am every day- near Bell in Hand - Today's Green Dragon opened in 1993 - original dates back to 1654, razed in the 1850s
  • The Baldwin Bar - Sun-Thu 5pm-9:30, Fri-Sat 5-11:30  - 16m drive from Bricco - Baldwin and Sons Trading Co. is an intimate cocktail bar in Woburn from award-winning bartender Ran Duan. The 45-seat bar is located in an old colonial mansion upstairs from Sichuan Garden II, owned by Duan’s parents, and the accompanying Baldwin Bar, which Duan also runs.
  • The Tunnel Bar 5-2am 5pm-2am every day - 1:45 drive from Bricco - built underground in an old pedestrian tunnel. The arched stone walls, sleek bar, and big, comfy chairs make it the ideal place for a classy evening out. I’d kill to go back there.”
  • Eastern Standard - 7am-2am - 15m drive from Bricco 
  • Backbar - 4pm-12am closed Mon - 15m drive from Bricco
  • Bukowski Tavern - 11:30-2 - (noon Sunday)15m drive from Bricco 
  • Drink - 25m walk from Bricco, 10m walk from Seaport Inn
  • Frost Ice Loft - reservation needed
  • Tiki Island - 6.6 Critiki score 






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