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Cool background music (Kooch-e-koo.com)

To Recycle Electronics (206 684-3000)

Modern Drunkard Magazine

Charity Watch Top Rated Charities[http://www.children.org>children International]

Franken and O'Reilly on BookTV

Who is More Belligerent?  MES or Shakespeare?

The Fall Review Kit

The Fall Quote Generator

Norman Lindsay Gallery

Fujitsu folding desk stand

Folding desk stand cheap

[http://www.kingsgalleries.com/1024x768/galleries/waterhouse.htm Waterhouse Reproductions

Neko Case video

F. Scott Fitzgerald Links Rated

http://www.irony.com/cgi-bin/mroll-query>Virtual Dice

http://www.spyonit.com>SpyOnIt.com -

Monitor web pages, links, etc.


Earthquake Info (USGS)

http://www.ofoto.com>Ofoto (Let people download and order prints

of photos)



Bandwidth Speed Test


Free OnLine Legal Documents

Computer Virus Myths

alt.culture encyclopedia

Free Outlook Stationary

Check for updates of software on your PC

HUSKIES (Seattle Times)

Deja News

Mr. Wakeup (Schedule Wake Up Calls)

Anonymous E-Mail

McAfee Virus Scan

Remailer list

The Smoking Gun (Crime Info)

http://www.google.com/press/zeitgeist.html>Google Zeitgeist

John Lydon

Test Junkie

http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv>Personality Disorder Test


Check for Domain names

BroadPoint (Free Long Distance - 2 minutes per ad)

Cow Links

Free translators

The Death Clock

http://www.pincity.com/smsfree.asp>PinCity - Send SMS voice messages



Free Polls




Links to check out more


Seattle Lexicon

Physics Site

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