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Pete's Puzzle Page

Page history last edited by peterga 8 years, 9 months ago

Some of my favorite puzzles/questions.  They are typically my favorites because 1) they are highly counter-intuitive (of course I most prefer the ones that befuddled me), and 2) they shed light on human cognition and/or logical errors we commonly make.  Thus the most interesting puzzles are not the most difficult ones, but rather the ones where an incorrect answer seemed most obviously correct.

Monty Hall Problem   (also Monty Hall Problem 2)

Primary Colors

Vowels and Even Numbers

Married Looking at Unmarried

Stop the Train #1

Stop the Train #2

False Positives

Chances of a Girl

Random Coin Flips

Random Coin Flips 2

Random Coin flips 3 - HTT-HTH

Mirror Image

Bowling Ball in the Canoe

Hotel Refund

Ballard Locks Water

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