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Bathroom Remodel - Obsolete Research Stuff

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Old Research Stuff


Design Ideas

Gallery of Ideas

Tub/shower #1  #2

SEN Gallery

TV Mirror - More


Tub Faucet Research

  • The one I want is no longer manufactured by jacuzzi, trying to find online
    • To verify Monday that (chrome) handles are in stock (along with faucet and valves) at CSN Lighting
    • Ships in 6 days
    • Also available here (check to verify valves included, chrome parts in stock, possible location for 
      handles if CSN doesn't have them

Water-jet Tub Research

Use tubz.com - Find best price

Tubz.com Info - How to choose a whirlpool tub (Consumer Reports) - Types - bathroomanswers

6'+ 2-person tubs - Example 1   Jetta Carribean 

Options Table

I like the flat stream style faucets like the Jason Double Cascade Spout  (manufacturer's notes)

Places to check out:

  • Ferguson Bath & Kitchen Gallery - 4100 W Marginal Way SW
  • Pacific Plumbing Supply - 7115 W Marginal Way SW
  • Keller - 3209 17th Ave W.   (Been, no large models on display)
  • Consolidated Supply Co. - 805 NW 42nd Street



  • Can pump access be from the long side?
  • Cost, color, fit, access panel on appropriate side (usually needs to be the same place as controls), water heating, electric (220?)
  • Pump access - Recommendations for access size vary among manufacturers: Jacuzzi 12” x 18”, Hydro Systems 14” x 16”, Aquatic 16” x 16”.  Down load the instructions from the manufacturers web site to see what size you will need.
  • Another consideration for whirlpool bathtubs is that because they hold more water than your normal tub, the water could cool prior to the tub filling up. For this reason, water coming into the tub has to come in faster, which means rather than using a one-half inch pipe you should go with a three-quarter inch pipe.
  • A run dry pump: The pump will not be damaged if accidentally turned on without water. This is standard with most of the whirlpools we carry, for others it is an option.
  • Rigid PVC piping: All the baths we carry have this feature. No water will sit in the pipes only to come out next bath time as … something you don"t want to see. Whirlpool pipes can be cleaned with low foaming dishwasher soap. Fill the bath, add a few tablespoons, let dissolve and run the system for approx. 7 minutes. How often this needs to be done depends on how often salts and oils are used.
  • Jet location: Where do you want the massage? Back (upper or lower), feet and hips? Jet location or emphasis varies among the manufactures: Jason is known for their lower back jets. Some manufacturers even offer a handheld jet. Unplug a jet in the bath, plug in the handheld and direct the jet where needed. Warning – this is not the same as a handheld shower. If you remove this jet from under the water you will give your room a powerful massage
  • Two general rules of thumb: 75% and 2/3. The capacity of the hot water heater needs to be at least 75% of the capacity of the whirlpool. If the whirlpool is 100 gallons the heater needs to be 75 gallon. In the second opinion the heater should be 2/3 of the capacity of the tub. If the whirlpool is 100 gallons the heater needs to be 67 gallons.


  • Jason known for lower back jets
  • Consumer Reports notes, for example, that a $650 Kohler whirlpool tub is just as satisfying as the most expensive tub it tested. Most major tub manufacturers like Kohler and American Standard now also offer whirlpool tubs. Jacuzzi is a big name in the whirlpool market, and its products are characterized by many soft jets rather than a few very powerful ones.



Sink research

Vessel sink with dark/cherry/woody cabinet underneath (waterfall faucet?)

Modern Danish stone sinks  (options under $300)  Example 1  Example 2   Example 3  

Granite under $300  

Stone sinks, boulder basins   $413 boulder sink   $350 boulder sink 

Brown rectangular waterfall

Examples/Types  (stone?  waterfall?)

Examples  (Actually, look for cabinets with this feel but with more counter space)


Channel Drain Research


Tankless Water Heater Research



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