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Street Name Changes

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Major Seattle Street Name Changes


9th Avenue S -> Airport Way S

10th Ave NE -> Roosevelt Way (1919, upon death of Theodore Roosevelt)

24th -> Delridge Way (1930s)

Bothell Way -> Victory Way -> Lake City Way

Broadway renumbered in 1961

Columbus Way -> 14th Ave -> University Way in 1919

Commercial St -> 1st Ave S

Connecticut -> Royal Brougham Way

Empire Way - MLK Way

Franklin St -> NE 45th St

Front St -> 1st Ave

Mill St -> Yesler Ave

Moltke St -> Boren Ave N 

Prohibition St -> Fairview Ave

Railroad Ave S -> Alaskan Way

Temperance Ave -> Queen Anne Ave N

White Center Pl -> Delridge  Way


Aurora (history)

  • R. F. Morrow Road, 1901 - 1904
  • North Trunk Road, 1905 - 1929
  • Woodland Park Ave. (to city limits) 1915 - 1930
  • Pacific Hwy 1 / US Highway 99, 1930 - 1969
  • Aurora Ave. (to city limits), 1930 - present
  • State Route 99, 1969 - present



Dumamish -> Georgetown (1901 officially, but called that since at least 1890)

Annexation - 1910

Rainier Ave -> Duwamish Ave (1910) (later -> Airport Way)

Bateman -> Bailey

Estelle -> Carleton

Charleston -> Corson

Mable -> Ellis

Monroe -> Warsaw

Lincoln -> Willow



Ballard - 1907

6 Ave E -> 5th Ave NW

Division St -> 8th Ave NW

Utter Ave -> 12th Ave NW

Railway St -> 14th Ave NW

Main St -> 15th Ave NW

1st Ave -> 17th Ave NW

2 Ave -> 20th Ave NW

3 Ave -> 22nd Ave NW

4 Ave -> 24th Ave NW

5 Ave W -> 26th Ave NW

Broadway -> Market St

E Times St -> NW 58th St

Ship St -> NW 65th

Sloop St -> NW 70th

Corvette -> NW 80th

Canoe St & Whidby -> NW 73rd St

Schooner St - NW 75th St


1895 Seattle Changes

Yesler Avenue -> Yesler Way

Depot Street -> Denny Way 

Hawthorne Street -> Denny Way 

Decatur Street -> Denny Way 

Temperance Street -> Queen Anne Avenue 

Villard Avenue -> Queen Anne Avenue 

Broadway -> North Broadway

De Forest Street -> North Broadway

Case Avenue -> North Broadway

Mansion Street -> North Broadway

More: http://ba-kground.com/1895-seattle-street-renaming-searchable-table/



Pier 56 started out as Arlington Dock in the late 1800s. Built and owned by a retired ship captain, the dock was destroyed in the Great Seattle Fire of 1889. Then in 1902, the Northern Pacific Railroad came along and constructed three new piers—which included Pier 5 (now 56)—to capitalize on the gold rush. The U.S. government renumbered all the piers at the start of World War II.


Other Designations

  • "The Tenderloin" - South of Yesler, north of Jackson, between 1st and 3rd
  • "The Deadline" "Skid Road" - Yesler 
  • Dumamish -> Georgetown (1901 officially, but called that since at least 1890) 


Other Cities


Milton Ave E -> 20th St E 


Portland, OR

in 1931, the City of Portland underwent a massive renumbering of city addresses, with even some street names changing.  The ordinance creating the change was adopted in October 1931, effective April 1, 1933.  




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