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  • Restaurants should not leave the tails on shrimp when they are in a soup, pasta, noodles or salad.  Shimp should have tails only in peel-and-eat dishes.
  • Tortilla chips should be rectangular. 
  • Restaurant salads should never contain something you need to cut.  With an exception for certain styles where it is understood, e.g. Wedge Salads, the customer should never have to cut anything in a salad into smaller pieces to eat it.  That's what we're paying the restaurant to do.
  • The New Year should start in Spring.  There may be a bit of an argument that it makes sense to start the new year around the time that days start to get longer, but it makes just as much sense to start it around the equinox than the solstice.  More importantly, the start of a new year should be happy and optimistic, when trees are greening, flowers and other plants are starting to pop shoots out of the ground, when ballparks are hearing the first umpires' cries of "play ball!" and every fan thinks their team has a shot.  Like Spring Training, the start of the year should be a time of cheerful self delusion about the future.
  • Fans should play a part in games on Fan Appreciation Day.  For that one day in each ballpark, if an opposing batter hits a ball into the stands and a fan catches it, the batter should be called out.
  • Government should practice Evidence-Based-Legislation.  While some issues hinge on values that no evidence could settle (e.g. abortion), many issues hinge on differences over facts and potentially measurable results.  E.g. libertarians argue various benefits from making all drugs and prostitution legal.  Opponents generally differ not only on the philosophical limits of rights, but on the results, predicting effects such as greater numbers of innocent victims after legality greatly increases the use of drugs in society.  Both sides need to take a more scientific approach, beginning with admitting that *we don't know.*  There's no logical reason that we could not construct bills that try changes and that automatically reverse the change if the catastrophic effects predicted by opponents do, in fact, occur.  Trying many more things, with mutually agreed upon measurements of success and failure, would mean greater gains for society.
  • Jamba Juice should not be called "Jamba Juice."  Most Jamba Juice shops have only two or three fresh squeezed juices.  Based on what they offer they should be called "Samba Smoothies." 

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