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Penny Letter 4

Page history last edited by peterga 8 years, 5 months ago

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From: Andrijeski, Peter

Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2007 6:07 PM

To: GM Can Anyone Tell Me Why?

Subject: Dear Penny


Dear Penny,

I think it's great that WaMu has a day to bring our kids to work, but how do we inform a co-worker – in terms that they'll take seriously – that they need to discipline their child?


My son Ortho was included in a group of kids from our department that also included the son of a co-worker about whom I have written before. I will again refer to this co-worker as "Jason" and I will refer to his son as "Jason Jr." Ortho is a year older than Jason Jr., but Ortho is small for his age and Jason Jr. is big – substantially larger than my son. The trouble started early when Jason Jr. said that "WaMu" sounds like "manure." I patiently but firmly explained to Jason Jr. that we are not to use naughty words like "manure," and that saying that about WaMu compromises the integrity of the brand. His response was to start shouting at the top of his lungs, "Wamanure! Wamanure! Wamanure!" Soon the whole group of kids was shouting "Wamanure! Wamanure!" and it took me nearly 15 minutes to get them to stop, no matter how much I explained corporate naming standards and the integrity of the brand. You may think this sounds funny, but if you were there, it was not funny at all!


Things got worse from there with Jason Jr. He told Ortho and the other kids that there was a three-headed monster named "Killinger" who lived below the elevators, and that to keep him from killing people on the elevator, WaMu people feed him kittens and little kids (don't ask me what "Jason" has been telling his son to make him say this!). One of the elevators was out of order and Jason Jr. told the kids that the sounds of the workmen below were the sounds that Killinger makes when he's hungry. Needless to say, it was not easy to get those kids on the elevator.


The next problem involved Jason Jr. doing some immature but still very annoying stunts involving repeating everything I said. I'm not going to go into that one, but believe me, it can really get frustrating!!! We took the kids on a tour of the WMC garden terrace, but when I had my back turned for about five minutes, Jason Jr. had convinced Ortho to get into the window washer's lift and was lowering him down the side of the building!!! When I told Jason Jr. in no uncertain terms that he was NOT showing WaMu brand attributes, he started yelling something about being rubber and glue and stuff that didn't make any sense at all! After that he started yelling at me "Ooga mooga, monkey boy," – and I know exactly where this comes from because his dad does exactly the same thing! Jason Jr. soon had all the little kids yelling "Ooga mooga, monkey boy" at me, and I'll be honest, I lost it a little bit. (If you've never had 15 kids repeatedly yelling "Ooga mooga, monkey boy!" at you, you have no idea how aggravating this can get!


The rest of the day with Jason Jr. was a disaster! The worst was lunch in the cafeteria. I wasn't there for most of it because I was having a cigarette outside to calm my nerves, but I later found out that Jason Jr. had convinced my son that the Thousand Island dressing was milkshake, and that he was supposed to eat his lasagne with his fingers. When I finally returned, Ortho had both nasal passsages completely stuffed with french fries because Jason Jr. told him that otherwise Killinger would be able to smell a sissy and would come up to eat them all. Even when I returned that little brat would not tell me what he had done with Ortho's pants, and after I had to waste 2 hours of company time looking for them, I found them with about 20 brownies squished inside!


I don't have time to tell you all the other things this wretched child did, but I want you to know how his father "Jason" reacted when I told him. He laughed. Not only did he laugh, but while he was laughing, he yelled at me, "Ooga mooga, monkey man!" THAT MAKES NO SENSE!!!!

Penny, do you think it's funny stuffing a young child's nasal passages to the point where he can barely breathe? Do you think it's funny running adult equipment and lowering a child down the side of the building to wash windows? Do you think it's funny making a child drink a full glass of Thousand Island "milkshake"? It is NOT funny. Please advise me on how to procede with "Jason" and his terrible, terrible child.



No answer from Penny!!!

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